Removing Windows Live Messenger From Startup Services

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Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging client developed by Microsoft. The program was widely used by people all over the world for contacting with their peers and family. But, with the introduction of Skype program, this messenger program has lost its importance and is used by only by a small percentage of people. Here, we will discuss how you can disable Windows Live Messenger from the Startup services menu.


  • Press the Windows key found at the left bottom corner of the keyboard to open the Start menu and click on the All Programs tab found there. Look for the Windows Live Messenger in the list of programs displayed on the screen and click on it, when found. If there is a shortcut icon of the program on the desktop, you can launch Windows Live Messenger by simply double clicking on it.
  • When the application window appears on the screen, click on the Tools menu found at the top of the application window and select the Options tab from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the General tab in the context menu shown on the screen and click on the check box found next to the option labeled Automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I log on to Windows for un-checking the option. Click on the OK button found at the bottom of the page for saving the changes you have made to the program. According to Windows XP chat support team, Windows Live Messenger will no longer launch automatically when you start the system.

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  • Windows XP chat support forums point out that you can alternatively disable it by launching the System Configurations Utility and making the necessary changes in it. For launching the utility, open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys found in the keyboard simultaneously. Type in the command msconfig in it and press the Enter button to open the System Configuration Utility.
  • When the system configuration utility appears on the screen, click on the Startup tab found in it and remove the check mark found next to the Windows Live Messenger program to stop launching the program automatically during system startup.

If you follow these simple instructions given above, you will be able to stop Windows Live Messenger from launching automatically during the OS startup.

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How To Make New Friends Within A Chat Room

Chat Window

Chat Window To Transcend Barriers

Online chat rooms help you to have a refreshing talk with a family member or your close friend, no matter which part of the world you are in. In fact, connecting with people via internet through a chat window helps transcend the geographical barriers.

You can locate a plethora of websites that allow you to chat with people. Indeed, live chat rooms can be accessed from any part of the globe. It is available 24×7 and a chat room facilitates knowing people better prior to meeting them in person. Many people have reported that chat rooms helped them communicate with people whom they otherwise would have never talked to.


Most of the live chat rooms provide video conversation as well. With the use of web cameras, you can see the person with whom you are chatting. Chat rooms allow you to converse with ten to twenty people at a time. You can have the freedom of including another person in your current chat. In fact, the feature is considered best while conducting group discussions.

Various online chatting websites help you communicate with people. However, before you select and register on these sites, make sure that it caters to your specific needs. Chat rooms are not just for communication, but also to express and share one’s ideas on academics, sports, religion, hobbies and matters of international significance. However, while providing personal details, you need to know how to implement the chat safely. Since online swindles are quite common, it is better to have adequate knowledge about the person with whom you initiate a chat session.

Online Chatting Websites

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It is possible for you to log in to the chat room using your user ID and password. You could find a number of chat rooms that are specially provided for music and art lovers, foodies, photography enthusiasts, nature lovers and so on. Before you start, it is better to find some time to research, so that you can arrive at the right choice as per your interests and needs.

You might have come across numerous chat rooms and made a suitable choice after considering your priorities. It is important that you select the people on your chat window wisely. Not all people are reliable enough to start chatting. Hence, in this context, it is better to seek the service of someone who has been using chat rooms sans any complaints.

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Troubleshooting Fujitsu T4220 Pen

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Fujitsu T4220 Pen is one of the best tablet pens or pointing devices available in the market and is widely used by tablet users all over the world. The pen is widely used with the Surface tablet range from Microsoft due to its ease of access and affordability. Follow these simple tips given below for fixing the Surface tablet problems shown by the pen.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Always make sure that you are storing the pen correctly; be sure that you have kept the pen in ‘Tip up’ position so that the tip is not damaged permanently. One of the major reasons for issues with the Fujitsu T4220 Pen is due to incorrectly placing the pen. Even though these issues could be fixed often, the users would need to replace the pen in some rare cases.
  • One of the best ways that you can fix Surface tablet problems related to the pen is to adjust the Click pressure. For changing the settings, open the Start menu, click on the Control Panel tab and double click on the option labeled as Fujitsu Pen Settings found in the window. Select the desired amount of pressure by sliding the side bar found near the option labeled as Click Pressure. The lower the pressure value set, the lighter pressure needed to work with the pen. After setting the correct pressure on the window that appears on the screen, click on the Apply button to save and apply the changes made to the pen.
  • Adjusting the rear toggle and eraser functions will also help in fixing Surface tablet problems related to Fujitsu T4220 Pen. Set the required amount of setting for both functions individually from the drop down menu in the respective fields found in the Fujitsu Pen Settings window.

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  • Calibrating the pen settings will also help greatly in fixing most issues with the pen. For calibrating the pen, click on the Tablet and Pen Settings found in the Control Panel window and press the Calibrate button to start calibrating. Make sure that you press the pen against the + sign displayed on the screen and click on the OK button when calibration finishes.
  • Replacing the tip of the pen by using the pen tip removal tool provided with the Fujitsu T4220 is one of the best ways you can follow to troubleshoot the issues with pen.

If you follow the simple troubleshooting tips given above, you will be able to troubleshoot and fix most issues with Fujitsu pen.

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PC Sales Rises After XP End Of Support

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Intel has recently reported a sudden spike in its revenue on the second half of 2014 and believes the rise in commercial PC shipments to be the reason behind the growth. The chipmaker and IT giant, Intel reported an increase in revenue of approximately $1 billion as the turnover of $13.5 billion in the second quarter is higher than $12.5 billion recorded before.

The firm further explained the reason for this sudden spike is due to the increase in investment for new machines compelled by the end of PC support for Windows XP in April 2014. More than the sale of home PC sector, the commercial PC sector caused the rise in sales due to the large number of equipments that required upgrades.

As was broadcasted in every form of media for months, Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP, which was running on extended support for over 9 years. The 13-year-old operating system was provided with security patches and important security updates throughout its lifetime, securing the PC against malicious attacks throughout the world. The end of this support would mean that any open vulnerability that is found could be manipulated by hackers for malicious and criminal intent. To know more about end-of-support, contact our PC support team.

Before the end-of-support date started, analysts at IDC had predicted an 8 percent growth in commercial PC shipments in second quarter of 2014, which constrasted with the 9 percent decline in consumer shipment. Rajani Singh, senior research analyst at IDC, commented about the issue, “Most of the growth we are seeing in the PC market is going to a mix of commercial desktop and laptop replacement of XP systems.”


      Intel sales rise due to PC sales

She continued to add that various PC replacements like tablets and palmtop would continue to hold their own commercial space and will not eat into the PC market after a certain point. According to Rajini, “Business users are coming to the realization that tablets can’t replace laptops when it comes to productivity.”  She continued to explain that, “When it comes down to productivity, as much as people want to rely on a tablet or their phone, in the workplace there is nothing better than a PC to replace a dying, old XP PC.”

Even though there is an appreciable spike in the growth of PC sales, this growth will not sustain and would soon die out. However, at the moment, most PC vendors have released interesting offers to allow you to upgrade to a new system at low cost. To receive PC support for upgrading your computer, contact our tech support team.

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Directions For Connecting Microsoft Wireless 4000 Keyboard To The PC

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When you buy a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 4000 keyboard, you get a keyboard as well as a wireless mouse. The reason is simple; the keyboard is marketed as a desktop set. In the desktop set, you will also find a radio frequency receiver and a mouse back. The purpose of the radio frequency receiver, according to Microsoft FAQ page, is to transmit commands from the mouse and the keyboard back to the PC. The mouse back is connected to the back of the PC via a PS2 adapter. It can also be connected via a USB. The steps for establishing the connection are given in the Microsoft FAQ section in the Microsoft support page. You can find the simplified version of the steps below.


  • You can connect Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 4000 desktop set on Windows OSs ranging between Windows 2000 and Windows 8.1. Third party OSs compatible with the product include Mac OS X between 10.1-10.4.
  • Insert the CD of Intellipoint software (It is included in the package) in the CD drive of your PC and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • The wizard will scan your PC to determine the drives and software required for your OS version. After the scanning, you will be prompted to download appropriate drivers and software. Read the prompts carefully to download the software and drivers. After the installation of the drivers and the software, you may be required to perform a restart. Make sure that the PC is restarted to allow the changes to take effect.
  • Now, unpack the keyboard and the mouse. Wireless keyboards and mouse need batteries to function. Ensure that you have inserted recommended types of batteries in the battery case of both the keyboard and the mouse. AA battery is the recommended type. If you have inserted the batteries correctly, the red light will flash under the mouse. Likewise, a green indicator light should appear on the keyboard.

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  • Now, connect the USB adapter to the port of your PC. It should flash the LED on it once it establishes connection with the Wireless mouse and the keyboard. You are ready now to use the wireless keyboard and mouse from Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 4000 keyboard set. It is advisable to place the keyboard and the mouse close to the PC so as to ensure that the signals from the wireless peripherals are not blocked.

The instructions given above must have helped you connect your wireless mouse and keyboard. For any additional information regarding this, visit our Microsoft FAQ section.

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