Enabling Chat Feature In Your Gmail Account

Chat Window

          Google Chat Window

The Chat feature included in Gmail will help you to chat with your friends and families easily and quickly. All you need to have is a Gmail account and an active internet connection. Well, given below are some easy instructions that will help you to enable the chat feature in your Gmail account.

Inviting Friends to chat

  • First of all, you need to invite your friends to chat. For this purpose, you need to navigate to the home page of Google and log in to your Gmail Account by providing the User ID and its password.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will be able to find a window named Contacts. Move the mouse pointer towards the name of the person whom you need to chat with. When the mouse pointer moves over their name, their profile card will appear on the window. From their profile card, click the button called Invite to chat.
  • From your Quick Contacts list, find the name of the contact that you want to chat with. Now, you will be able to see a green ball appearing on the name of the contact that is online. If it is yellow, then it means that they are away or idle and red indicates that the person is busy. When you click the name of the contact, a chat window will appear on your screen.
  • You can also do this by typing the name of your friend in the specific box seen on top of the section called Quick Contacts. Now, select the option called Invite to chat when the person’s profile box appears.
Google Support

         Chat Window For Google

Chatting with friends

  • From your Quick Contacts list, you need to find out the name of the person that you want to chat with.
  • When you click that name, a chat window will appear on the screen. When it appears, enter the message that you want to send. When finished, press the Enter key using your keyboard. Now your message will be sent and you need to wait until your friend replies.
  • You can also use another option to send chat messages. Search the name of the person whom you need to chat by using the Contact list. Once the name appears, you need to move the mouse pointer over the name and in the profile box that appears, you need to select the button called Chat with.
  • In the chat window, you need to type the message that you want to send. To send the message, press the key called Enter. Now the message will be sent and you need to wait until your friend responds.

These instructions will help you to enable the Chat feature in your Gmail account. For more assistance, contact our Google support team.

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Different Features Of A Chat Window

Chat Window

        Chat Member List

We can see that chat is a common and inevitable feature with which we can communicate with our friends and colleagues.  Almost every social networking site has the chat option. It is through the Chat Window that we send and receive message. Read along to know more about the different features of a Chat Window.

Chat View

The Chat View consumes almost a large area and this is exactly where the chat conversations take place between your chat contacts that are there in your chat list. You can view all the Chat Messages as they are displayed in the same order as they are being received. For instance, the latest Chat Messages are always visible at the top of the window. You can easily make desired alterations in the Chat View by adjusting the appearance and making it visible like the other IM chat clients or give it a completely different look.

List of Chat Members

There are certain IM chat systems that enable you to do group chatting. It is a beneficial feature as you will be able to view with whom you are chatting now. Usually you can see that the Chat Member List is visible on either the left side or the right side of the Chat View. This view can be altered by using Settingsand accessing the Chat Member List option. You can see that the menu for contacts context is inside the Chat Member List.

Input Area

You will be able to find the Input Area under the Chat View. This is exactly where you are able to type in the Chat Messages before you are able to send them. You can make necessary alterations regarding the color and font of the Chat Messages with the help of the common tools found inside the toolbar. In case your IM system is supporting this feature, you can find the messages appearing in color especially when your contacts are reading them.

Chat Systems

           Chat Messages

Status Bar

Status Bar is the area where you will be able to find the temporary Chat Messages like the notification that someone is typing and the Send button.

Group Chats in Kopete

Kopete is a Chat Feature with which you can chat on a one on one basis with a contact or chat in a group.

File Transfers

There are certain IM systems that permit you to receive and send files. You will be able to access the function context menu of your contact.

These are the main features related with the chat window. For more information on the same, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

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Tips To Enhance The Speed Of Your Computer

Computer Slow

Tips To View Base Score Of Your Computer

Is your computer slow at times? Then here are some effective tips to enhance the speed of your computer. The best way to get started is to check for the technical details that points to your computer’s functional efficiency. This will enable you to deal with the computer slow issues in a more effective manner. Windows Experience Index is where you can view your system’s hardware and software configuration details in a numerical data format. The numerical data format is known as base score. You are lucky if you have a higher base score. This is because a higher base score indicates that your computer is running at optimal speed and is able to perform the entire functions without any lag. On the other hand, a lower base score indicates that you computer is running at minimal speed.

Tips to view base score of your computer

Click and open the Performance Information and Tools. After that, you have to click the Start button. Now click on Control Panel. Click on Performance Information and Tools that you can view inside the search box. This is where you will be able to find both the base scores and sub scores of your system. Click on the option called Rate This Computer if you are unable to view the base scores and sub scores. Now, you will get the prompt to enter the administration password for your computer. You will have to click on the option called Re run the assessment if you have made a recent upgrade for the hardware of your computer.

Control Panel

Enhance The Speed Of Your Computer

ReadyBoost is the option with which you can enhance the speed of your computer. The ReadyBoost option will increase the storage space of the flash memory cards and the USB flash drives of your system. Besides that, you can also plug in the ReadyBoost storage device onto your computer. Once it is done, you will find the AutoPlay dialogue box that enables you to use ReadyBoost. You can manually alter the memory of your computer with ReadyBoost.

Windows has additional troubleshooting programs that enable you to resolve computer slow issues and enhance the speed of the system. Click on Performance Troubleshooter and you will find the option known as Check for Performance Issues. Now click to open System Maintenance Troubleshooter and click on Troubleshooting. Finally click on Run Maintenance Tasks that you can find under System and Security. Restart your computer and now your computer will function at optimal speed.

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Use Microsoft Excel To Create Payroll

How To Use Microsoft Excel

            Excel Spreadsheet

It is imperative for business organizations to keep a proper record of their employee’s payroll. This can be done by creating a separate Excel sheet. Now, your next question will be how to use Microsoft Excel to create a Monthly payroll. Read along to know more regarding the significance of Microsoft Excel and the ways to use it to create a payroll.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

The spreadsheet format of Microsoft Excel is a helpful and unique tool for preparing employee payroll. Microsoft has specifically designed a template for helping the business owners to manage the payrolls. The tool is known as Excel Payroll Calculator. You can easily download Excel Payroll Calculator on your computer if you have Microsoft Excel preinstalled in your system. One of the major advantages of downloading the template is that it has functions and formulas built in to the workbook. All you need to do is type in the employee’s payroll data. Once the details are entered, the template will automatically begin the calculation for the net pay and pay stubs for every employee as you have specifically entered all the criteria.


  • Click and open a fresh spreadsheet inside Microsoft Excel. Make sure that you are designing the workbook for reflecting the payroll data for the complete year.  You have to make a new spreadsheet during the start of every year.
  • The next step is to make column headings. The most vital columns that you have to create are the columns for employee names, normal hours, overtime hours, pay period end date, statutory deductions that include child support and taxes and voluntary deductions that are inclusive of net pay, gross pay, 401 k contributions and health benefits for employees.
  • Under every heading, you will have to enter the information about the payroll. Make sure that you are done with the preparation of payrolls at least two days earlier to every pay date.

    Excel Sheet

                     Microsoft Excel

  • You can enter the payroll data from payroll reports or actual paychecks after the processing is done for payroll under the correct spreadsheet headings.
  • Make formulas for every column. You have to ensure that every column is showing the total sum that should be reflected when you enter the formula along with the information for pay period.
  • In the formula bar, you can type in the formula for the column.
  • Always make sure that you are creating a specific workbook for payroll documentation so that it will be easy for you to access it every time.

Just think about the steps mentioned here. Next time when someone asks how to use Microsoft Excel, you can tell to them clearly about the steps involved.

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Some Tips For Improving Your System Speed

Slow Computer Troubleshooting

          Reasons For Computer Slowing Down

You might have noticed that your system is no longer working as fast as it used to do when it was brand new. A number of reasons can cause this slowdown in the system performance. Follow the slow computer troubleshooting steps mentioned here to fix some of these problems.

How to speed up your system performance

First, you need to check whether you have enough memory free in your hard disk. It is essential to have some free space in your system hard disk to let the operating system perform smoothly. If the hard disk is full, then the operating system will have to make use of the limited space available for its operations. This will slow down the system performance considerably.

Therefore, the first slow computer troubleshooting step you need to do is to delete or transfer your old files into an external storage device. If possible, transfer the entire contents of all the local drives except the C: drive, which contains the operating system data. You can then format these drives to get rid of any errors.

You might also have received a few error messages in your OS and simply ignored them. You can go to the Control Panel and go through these unresolved OS issues. Some of them might be about slow computer troubleshooting as well. Open each of these error messages and click on the tech support link provided there. The OS will then try to find a solution to these problems online. If all these problems are fixed, this will speed up your system significantly.

Registry Cleaner

          Improve The Computer Speed

Another common reason for the slowing down of your system is the clogging up of error files and redundant entries in your OS Registry. You can use a good registry cleaner application to clean up the system Registry every few weeks or so. This will get rid of all the corrupted files in the system and help to improve its overall performance.

There are always the usual suspects like malwares and viruses that can slow down a computer. A sudden lag in the system performance, in most cases, is caused by a malware or virus infection. Install a good antivirus application and keep it updated. Occasionally run a complete system scan to detect the malwares and virus infections, and delete the threats.

These above tips should help improve your system performance and speed up the OS functioning. However, if you need any technical assistance in the matter, feel free to call our tech support team over the toll-free number.

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