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For all their faults and mistakes, Microsoft has spent tremendous attention to Windows 8. This is a completely new take on device computing, and there are many who have come to prefer it. Microsoft has thoroughly set up not just the desktop, but also the startup, shut down, and even troubleshooting areas. This OS brings in a load of enhancements over the former desktop experience, and it even throws in a few extras in other places. The booting and shut down are so fast this time around that the user can get to the desktop in as little as 10 seconds after hitting the power button.

If you’ve used a computer for some time, you have no doubt seen a system crash or two. Boot errors aren’t as common, but they’re not very rare either. People usually get apprehensive about the safety of their data in these situations, and sometimes even generally. In another OS, you’d want all your files and settings in a safe place, where you can get to it. There are people who simply wish to keep the desktop less cluttered, and easier to manage.

Windows 8 comes up with a way to manage all these needs. There’s a new Metro Boot menu, which lets you troubleshoot issues on PCs, and tablets, and use options such as system restore, image recovery, repair tools, command prompt provision, etc. For more information on this, call the Windows 8 chat support desk.

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What’s new is a Refresh option. This involves two options, the first one being a clean install of the desktop, which brings it back without the non-essentials. It reverts the machine to the settings it had when you first set up the operating system. All your personal files are removed, and that takes care or any data corruption or virus infection.

The second option refreshes the OS, but keeps your personal data safe in another place; this would include photos, documents, media and background wallpapers. Then it checks all your Windows system files and does a thorough cleanup, so they’re in their original state. After completing the second refresh option, all your displaced files are put back where they were. You essentially get a completely new installation with your files intact.

These are some of the features of the refresh option in Windows 8. For more help along these lines, you have a Windows 8 chat support service that you can avail online.

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Fixing Windows Installer Error 1719

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At some point of time, you might have encountered an error that says, “The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed”. This happens mostly with Windows XP computers. This message usually pops up when you try to install or download a program into the computer. The error is also called Error1718, which also has a fix. All you need to do is work with MS-DOS window and enter few commands. This will fix the issue and you will be able to install and download the software. Read on to know the instructions to fix Windows installer service.

Instructions To Fix Error 1719

  • Click on the Start menu and click on the option Run.
  • In the space to type, type CMD and hit Enter. This will open the MS-DOS window.
  • The window is usually black with a white cursor blinking, type in Msiexec /Unreg and hit Enter.
  • You will have to repeat this again, type Msiexec /Regserver and then hit Enter.
  • Next, you have to type Exit and hit Enter in order to exit MS-DOS. Click on the Start Menu and then choose to Restart the computer. Do not disturb the computer until it boots up.

Here are few things that you need to know additionally about this process,

Ms-Dos Window

       Windows Drivers And Services

  • In some cases, this method would not work properly in a normal boot. As an alternative, you can try the same steps when the computer is in Safe mode. To enter into Safe Mode in the computer, you need to press F8 when the computer boots up. This will lead you to the advanced boot options. Select the very first option and hit Enter.
  • Do not give preference to registry fixes; this should be your last resort. Of course, they are effective, but if you are not a trained technician, it is better not to deal with registry files. When something goes wrong while working with the registry file, if you not able to revert to normal, then it would be a major issue.

When the above method does not work, call up a technician or a friend who is technically sound. They will be able to work with the registry to fix Error1718. You can look up for knowledge base articles in the official website to get this issue fixed. They will be connected to your computer remotely and then fix the Windows installer service issue.

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How To Fix Problems With The Browser Connection

Browser Troubleshooting

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Most often, an internet connection is very much necessary in order to perform most tasks in computers. Sometimes even if the internet connection is fine enough, the web browser that you normally use may display certain problems. You may get a page with errors and working over the internet will seem impossible even though you think you have a working internet connection.

Let us check the basic browser troubleshooting steps that will help you to fix this issue. The instructions are quite simple enough and you can easily follow the same.

Perform basic troubleshooting

As the initial step, you need to verify that you do not have Work Offline option enabled in IE. If this is enabled, your web browser will not work even if you have access to internet. You can open another browser and try connecting to the internet. Despite the above steps, if you are encountering the same errors, then you can log in to a different computer and this will help you to find whether the problem is with the network or not. If there is a network outage, such a problem can be identified through the steps given below.

Empty The cache

The images or files that you normally view on internet will be stored temporarily in the cache that is normally located in your hard drive. You would have to empty them often in order to avoid problems with your web browser. This could most often slow down your browser. There can be a corrupt file in the cache that is causing the problem. You can even meet a technician who can offer you assistance.

Basic Troubleshooting

              Custom Browser Troubleshooting

Restore defaults

Sometimes there can be errors in your browser settings that might be causing all the problems. You can anyway change the browser settings to its default and this can fix the problem that you are currently facing. But the procedure for changing the settings of a browser will mainly depend upon the type of browser as well as version that is used. You can try to go through the FAQ section available for browser troubleshooting.

The simple steps given above will help you in troubleshooting a web browser effectively. If you find that the problem still exists, then you can hire a technician who can help you to fix the problem that you are currently facing. You can also contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

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Updating BIOS In A Toshiba Laptop


Toshiba Support For Laptops

BIOS is a small chip in the computer that has all the basic information of a computer stored. This means that it also contains information about date and time, keyboard controls and other programs installed in the computer. This information lets the processor to communicate with the computer. It is the most tedious and feared thing to change the BIOS or to upgrade it. Users look into this as a nightmare.

When the motherboard or the computer hardware starts to work in a bizarre way, look for help from experienced technicians. In the usual case, a trained professional software technician works on BIOS settings, since it needs plenty of technical knowledge to work on the same. If done properly, a connection between the hardware and the processor would be established to make the communication between them effective. In case there are some issues while working with the BIOS settings, this might result in serious damage both for the processor and the motherboard.

Here Is How You Get Toshiba Laptops Support

  • Move to the Support Page for Toshiba laptops on the web browser that you usually use. Click the Download Link.
  • In the Choose Category column, select the laptop that you use. You need to select the exact Model and the laptop type here. Choose the right model from the model column of the page.
  • Look for the latest Bios in the page, and Download the same. There is a download link available next to each BIOS download. Click on this and Save it to the computer.
  • Locate the file in the computer and then double click on the same to Execute. The moment you execute this, you will get a UAC Prompt.


    Laptop Support And Help

  • Click on the Button to unzip the files, after clicking on the Ok button. You will have to wait until the BIOS utility page opens. After it appears, close all other programs and windows excluding the BIOS utility window.
  • From the BIOS utility window, find the option and click on Install From Windows. To proceed with the update, click on Ok. Depending on the laptop model, this might take few minutes to complete.
  • When the update completes, click on Ok to quit the BIOS utility window.

With the help of Toshiba Laptops Support, you can update the BIOS with ease. Thus, this saves you from the trouble of messing up with system hardware or software.

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Directions For Using Chat In Microsoft NetMeeting

Windows Chatz

      Windows Chat Services

Microsoft NetMeeting used to be a popular VoIP based chat/video conferencing client. It was integrated with many of the past versions of Windows, bundled with Internet Explorer. The program is not available with any of the latest Windows versions starting from Windows Vista. If you are still using any of the older Windows versions, you can use Microsoft NetMeeting for text, voice and video chatting. The below instructions explain how you can get started with this multi purposeful Windows chat utility.


  • Launch Microsoft NetMeeting on your PC. Navigate to the Start menu and choose All Programs from the menu that appears. Select NetMeeting from the All Programs menu.
  • Navigate to the Tools menu located at the top of the menu bar.
  • Select chat from the dropdown menu. You can also select the chat option from the menu of the NetMeeting icon located on your taskbar.

Customize chat

Microsoft NetMeeting is equipped with options for customization. Here are the steps for customizing your NetMeeting chat.

Customization of fonts

You can use your favourite font and colour for the text in NetMeeting chat. The effect of the customization will not be reflected on the chat window of the person on the other end.

  • Go to the Options menu from the main menu bar and choose Fonts from the dropdown list.
  • Choose your desired font size, colour and style.

Customization of text formats

Windows Vista

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Microsoft NetMeeting allows you to customize the text formatting of the messages you send to your recipients. You can also decide what information should be displayed with the outgoing messages. To change the current settings or to customize the text formatting, work out the following steps.

  • Navigate to the Options menu that is located on the main menu bar.
  • Choose Chat Format from the resulting dropdown list.
  • Go to the section titled Information Display and select checkboxes before the desired items that have to be included with the information display.
  • To customize the text format, go to the tab labelled Message Format and specify your desired format style. Once done, click OK to save the changes you have made in the settings and exit the window.

Microsoft NetMeeting is a feature-rich text/voice/video chat client. By customizing this Windows chat service, you can use it more productively. For more information or tips for using this service, get in touch with our customer service desk.

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