How To Unfreeze Your Computer

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All computer users are familiar with the problems like computer ‘freezing’, ‘crashing’, etc. These are rather bizarre phraseology to refer to the problem of some error with your system. The computer repair and service must be resorted immediately if this is a serious issue, rather than trying to get it corrected by yourself.

What to do when your computer freezes

But, if it is not a serious issue, you can fix this problem on your own. Most laptop manufacturers provide excellent computer repair and service for their customers. If you were prudent enough to extend the warranty period of your laptop, you would save a lot of money in repair and service costs. But, not all that may be necessary; it is possible that this was a minor case of Operating System error. Here is how you should deal with this.

  • Some application or program, which takes up a lot of the resources or system memory, might be working in the background draining the system dry. This sometimes would slow down the system significantly or bring the system to a halt all of a sudden. If you could give the system a few minutes to finish these demanding tasks running in the background, that would eventually free up the resources and system would come back online.

    Operating System error

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  • Alternatively, you could also use the Windows Task Manager function to solve this problem. All Windows users are familiar with the key combination ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ to access the Windows Task Manager function. On the Windows Task Manager wizard, you would find all the applications and processes that are running in the system, especially the ones running in the background. If any of the applications or processes is stuck, such programs will be indicated with the status ‘Not responding’. The programs and the applications that are running fine without any error would be shown with the status ‘Running’. The reason your operating system is stuck might have to do with these programs or applications that are ‘not responding. Select such programs or applications and use the ‘End process’ or ‘End task’ option given in the Windows Task Manager to exit them. This would free up the system memory and the Operating System might start working normally again.

The steps mentioned here are for dealing with the software applications or the Operating System issues. If the error has something to do with the system hardware, you have to get it repaired.

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