Troubleshooting Microsoft Excel 2007

Excel problems

Excel problems and troubleshooting methods

While you work on Microsoft Excel, you are likely to receive a number of error messages. Excel problems on your computer can be repaired by accessing the Repair tool. You can access the Detect and Repair tool directly from the Start menu or from The Control Panel. The following post will assist you in fixing the errors that are commonly experienced while working on the Excel 2007 program.


  • Click on Start and select Settings. Click on Control Panel and select Add / Remove Programs in Windows XP. If you are working on Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems, you need to choose Uninstall a program. Choose Microsoft Office from among the list of programs. Choose the option Change and then click Repair. Select the Continue button. You will now get access to the Detect and repair tool to start repairing the Excel problems.
  • When you insert or hide rows and columns in the Excel program, you are likely to get an error message saying cannot shift objects off sheet. To implement troubleshooting, choose Microsoft Excel 2007, select the Office button and then select Excel options. Select Advanced and find Display options for this workbook. Select For objects, show from the All radio button. Now, click on OK.
  • Open the Excel 2007 program by clicking on its shortcut icon. Navigate to the bottom left corner of the screen and choose Start. Point the mouse on All programs. Find Excel Office and then choose Excel options. Choose Advanced and scroll to see the General section. Uncheck the box beside Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange. Now, exit from Microsoft Excel. Click twice over a saved Excel file to see that the error message saying There was a problem sending the command to the program disappears.
  • Open Windows Explorer and click twice over the C: drive. Open Program files or Program Files (x86).Open the Microsoft Office Directory and access the Office or Office10 or Office12 folders. Now, open the Startup folder, right click on and select the Cut option. Move on to My documents and right click to select the Paste option. You need to conduct the same process to delete the pdfmaker.xla from the Xlstart folder. Doing this could solve the Excel problems regarding Compile error in hidden module: Autoexec and DistMon.

    accessing the repair tool

    Easy steps to solve excel problems

By adopting these troubleshooting methods, you can get rid of the common errors faced in Excel 2007 program. In case all the methods fail, get in touch with the Microsoft help and support center to address your Excel 2007 issues.

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