Fix Grammar And Writing Mistakes Using Proofing Software

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Fix spelling and grammar mistakes in Microsoft Office

Writing incorrect spelling and grammar creates a bad impression of the writer. It does not matter whether you are writing something for personal or professional use; it is always good to write in proper style. Enabling software that can detect spelling and grammar mistakes will help you fix these errors and learn from them. Microsoft Office help guidelines for doing this is given below.

Enable Proofing Software

The easiest way to correct grammars when you write is to enable proofing software. In Microsoft Word, click on the Windows logo on the top left corner of the window. In the drop down menu that appears, select “Word Options”. Click on the “Proofing” tab and make sure that all check boxes in the “When correcting spelling and grammar in word” section are checked. Change the “Writing Style” selection to “Grammar and Style”.

Once you have enabled all these features, spelling errors and writing style errors will be marked when Word encounters them. You may enable this feature in other Microsoft Office programs too. Internet browsers and other word editing programs also have the option to add such proofing software.

Verify and Correct errors

When you write in a proofing enabled word processor, you will notice that certain words and sentences are underlined in different colors. Usually, red lines under words indicate spelling errors and green lines under sentences indicate grammar errors. You can correct the errors that the program encounters by reviewing them as you write. Right click anywhere on a word or sentence that is underlined to see suggestions from the Proofing software. Select any of the options in the drop down menu that is appropriate.

You can also review all the errors in the page after finishing the document. In Word, click on the book and pencil icon at the bottom bar of the Word window to review the whole document. You can follow this procedure in other programs of Microsoft Office. Other programs have similar features for correcting errors.

Make Exceptions


   Support for Microsoft Office proofing features

Most of the names and other nouns that you enter will be marked as spelling errors. You can ignore these errors in word by right clicking on them and selecting “Ignore”. You can follow the same procedure for grammar errors that were incorrectly identified. If you do not need to concentrate on the writing style, you can uncheck the “Passive Voice” option in Microsoft Word.

Always make sure to review the document even after fixing all the errors marked by the proofing software. This is because there are certain errors that it cannot detect. These include common typing mistakes where the mistaken word is also spelled correctly. For example, in case you type “far” instead of “fare”, the software will not identify it. For more assistance, check Microsoft Office help topics.

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