Organizing Payroll In Microsoft Excel

How to use Microsoft Excel

                     How to use Microsoft Excel for payroll

Preparing a payroll is a tedious job. There are many aspects involved in the preparation of this very important document. However, you can use the Microsoft Excel tool for making the payroll calculations. An excel program comprises of spreadsheets containing a number of rows and columns. Working on an excel platform saves the time as you will be able to do your calculations quickly and accurately.

Because of its utility in calculating the payroll of employees, it is widely used by a large number of industries. Ever since its inception, it has been well received by users around the world. Microsoft has added some additional features to increase its suitability for facilitating its use in payroll preparations. With the Microsoft excel program, you can avoid the manual calculations using pen and paper or even the calculator. Organizing and customizing the data according to your needs can be done effortlessly with the Excel platform.

The templates will allow you to organize and access data easily. If you have installed Microsoft Excel, you can make use of the payroll calculator. The template will allow you to enter the employee pay roll details in to the spreadsheet. All you need to add is the details of employees, tax status and their respective deductions. Once you input the details you will get the net pay of each f the employees in no time. The pay roll calculator will automatically calculate the net earnings for each of the employees in the company. So, isn’t it that easy?

How to use Microsoft Excel?


  • You have to open a new worksheet in MS Excel. Move on to the Start menu and point to all programs and then choose MS office programs. Select New.

    MS Excel

           Microsoft Excel Spread sheet program

  • Enter by typing Payroll in the Search Microsoft Office Online for a template. Click twice over the payroll calculator template.
  • Enter the relevant data under the heads like name, Wages, Tax, federal allowances, state tax percentage, deductions with respect to insurance and any other deductions.

Note that the total tax withheld will be automatically entered while you enter the tax details in the respective column. Likewise the total deductions column will be filled in on the basis of deductions entered.

Hope that you got an idea about how to use Microsoft Excel for preparing the payroll of an organization.

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