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Help desk support or technical support career is very rewarding as it usually serves as a launch pad for IT services. As new computers, laptops, gadgets and other software hit the market more frequently; the demand for these technical support staffs is also high. In a case of an issue with such products, these technical help desk specialists are needed to troubleshoot the problem and give product advice.

Ever wondered how people get into such jobs as a Microsoft Help desk specialist? There is no set path for becoming a tech support specialist, but the employers usually look for those with problem-solving skills, multi-tasking ability and interpersonal skills.


Here are a few suggestions on how to become a help desk or tech support specialist.


  • Try to join a local technical college or university, which offers degree programs in computer information systems or related field. You may also look forward to enter a business or management field with emphasis on technology.
  • You will have the opportunity to take internships within the school system. Here in such internships, you can closely work along with or will be assisted by skilled help-desk support personnel.
  • In the course of study, you may also prepare yourself by being equipped with appropriate tools like system repair tools and software-based diagnostic tools. You can download many useful software Tools are available for free from websites such as ‘download.CNET.com/windows/.’ You also have the option to download certain diagnostic tools from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The next thing is to look for the certification program. Get in touch with CompTIA for A+ certification information. You may either take certification preparation classes in school or join a CompTIA intensive workshop that offers guaranteed results.
  • Prepare for the A+ exam. These are held at different computer institutions through Pearson Vue and other approved test-providing companies. To make oneself updated and to maintain the certification, monitor continuing-education requirements.

    Tech support specialist

    Certification programs

  • Repeat for CompTIA Network+ certification. This certification covers more network-specific study instead of workstation repair.
  • After the successful completion of your degree or Certification course, you may even check for other programs required by the employer to fine tune your skill and increase your chance of finding the right and promising career.


Always look for opportunities and programs that can give you an edge over others. May be a wonderful career awaits you in the form of a Microsoft Help desk specialist, who knows?

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