System Requirements To Install Lifecam VX-3000

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System requirements for Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000

As you all know Microsoft Incorporation is one of the largest software companies in the world that deals with the production of computer related accessories. Microsoft is also one of the world’s best software development companies that have successfully tested 1000s of applications till now. Microsoft Webcams are famous all over the world for their improved performance capabilities. One of the very best webcams released by Microsoft is the Lifecam VX-3000. The greatest advantage of this webcam is that it can be synchronized with many Microsoft applications like  Windows Messenger and Live Spaces which will help to enhance the connectivity. Here are the system requirements needed to install the same on your Windows system. Related articles are found in Microsoft Live chat topics.

Hardware requirements

A minimum of 500 MB of free space is required to install the  program files of LifeCam VX 3000 on your system. It is advisable to have  700 MB of free space in order to enjoy a trouble-free installation. The system should be equipped with a 256 MB RAM and a video memory of 2 MB. The display adapter of the system should display a minimum of 16 colors. Like all other Microsoft applications, the software of the webcam is released with an installation CD. So the system should be equipped with a CD -ROM drive in order to perform the installation.

OS requirements

The webcam supports only the Windows OS. The device can be connected to both Windows XP and Vista operating systems with ease. The compatibility of the device with Windows 7 operating system is not known.

Port related requirements

Hardware requirements

      Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 installation

The webcam is usually connected to the system with the help of USB port. The system should be equipped with a 2.0 USB interface in order to connect it with the device.

Internet requirements

For all the synchronization related tasks, the users need to have a broadband connection. The manufacturer specifies the need of a broadband connection for trouble free operation of the device.

The users need to install  Internet Explorer 6 version in order to enjoy the full benefits of the LifeCam VX-3000.

Advantages of LIfeCam VX 3000

  • The webcam is equipped with an inbuilt microphone that can very effectively synchronize audio with video formats.
  • The dashboard features of the camera enable the user to modify the final look of images by incorporating extra effects  to the same.

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