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Microsoft Word is a word processor program from Microsoft which was first released in the year of 1983. Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft Office suite. The latest version of Microsoft Word is Microsoft Word 2010. This is the most commonly used program among Microsoft Office programs.

We can purchase Microsoft Word as a standalone program. Microsoft Word files will have a .doc or .docx file extensions. Word provides a number of features and utilities to the users. If you have any doubts while working in Microsoft Word you can find the solutions from Microsoft Office Help. This is the program which we use in our daily life.

Here in this article, we will discuss the important features of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word and its features

1)      Visually Enhanced Documents

Microsoft Word is a word processing software which can be used to create documents. This program not only helps to create documents but also to make the document attractive. You can use different colors, fonts, styles, insert pictures etc. which will give a different look for your document.

2)      Mass Mailings

Microsoft Word can be used to send mails to a large number of people. Microsoft Word provides a feature named Mail Merge which can be used to address hundreds of people individually. In this process you can even take the help of other Microsoft Office programs. This mass mailing option saves a lot of time and it is one of the important feature of Microsoft Word.


Microsoft Word Help

3)      Templates

Microsoft Word provides templates for almost all the documents that we prepare in our day to day life. It is very easy to use these templates for creating your documents. By using these templates you can add your information whenever required without doing additional formatting. You can find templates for cards, certificates, charts etc.

4)      Productive and Efficient

Microsoft has designed Word in such a way that it helps the users to create documents in an efficient way. Word provides different options with which you can easily save and organize your document. If you find any difficulties while creating the document, help option can been added to provide help. There are program wizards to give step by step instructions.

These are the important features of Microsoft Word. It is a software which is very easy to deal with. If you have any issues with Microsoft Word, you can contact Microsoft Office help and support for assistance.

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