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As a delight and relief to email users who want to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, a tool has been released. Named as SkyKick, the tool is said to be a miracle product. Experts describe SkyKick as be effective while used to automate a whole IT consulting project, at the convenience of a single button click.

However, some are not that optimistic about the new tool. Thomas Allen, one of the marketing managers at CyberStreams, was reported as saying he wasn’t totally impressed by the new tool. He’d been “a cynic out of the gate”. Initially the product was supposed to pitch like a miracle product. But now they’re waiting to see how it is going to make a positive impact in migrating to Microsoft Office 365.

SkyKick had been assisted by CyberStreams in developing the beta version of the tool. Reports suggest that the collaboration has helped SkyKick to escape a great extent of customer prejudices in the beginning. Although the SkyKick utility does not offer customers a one-click convenience, there are some extremely pleased customers who praise the tool relentlessly.

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According to Thomas Allen, a more holistic approach would endear SkyKick to a limitless number of customers. He suggests that the support should not be limited only during the sales process, but should be extended to post-migration period. A major difference one can note with SkyKick is that it is made up of four different Web-based products. Therefore users who subscribe to SkyKick will receive extensive support for all the moving parts. On the other hand, most of the other tools are designed only to support the actual server-side transfer of the data to the online.

Allen then shows the differences of other tools with SkyKick. He chooses four major tools that are designed to help migration to Microsoft Office 365, which include Web Planner, Migration Sync, Outlook Assistant and Portal. Web Planner is capable of accessing the hosts and mailboxes. It is designed to handle the project plans for various partners like CyberStreams. Migration Sync helps transfer the data from various utilities such as calendar, domains, emails and contacts. The popular tool, Outlook assistant, sets up Microsoft’s email client for the benefits of end users. Users will also be able to avail services like customizations, changing the settings, and making switchovers with this tool. Another tool that Thomas mentioned in his comparison was Portal. This app is specially designed for project management. Users will be able to do reporting and administrative tasks on behalf of IT consultants.

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SkyKick boasts of its highly efficient crew. As per reports, the team consists of former excess from Bing divisions and Microsoft’s Office. Sources report that the entire crew was present during the release of SkyKick beta version. SkyKick has a positive side to speak of. Its frequent customers include IT providers from a vast channel and MSPs. As such, the demand for the tool will be naturally high. Moreover, SkyKick is now trying to make substantial improvement in its partnership club. A vast partner ecosystem would definitely translate into remarkable Office 365 adoption among various clients including SMBs. As per reports, special efforts are being made to woo more customers into the Office 365 platform. However, the concern whether there will be a Microsoft Office help line to address frequent customer issues associated with Office 365, has not yet been addressed.

Customers have never considered moving from legacy applications to an advanced business online like Office 365 as a light-switch approach. More than the support they expect while the sales process or the configuration process, customers are concerned about post-migration support. Therefore, the inevitability of Microsoft Office help line cannot be overlooked. Although SkyKick admits that it has tried to alleviate frequent pain points for CyberStreams, customers are not impressed. Had it tried to integrate Microsoft Office help line to customers while they migrate to Office 365 platform, things would have shifted to a lighter atmosphere.

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Another integral part of the game is automation. It comes into play when customers switch from their existing domain to a new domain. The automation reduces the quantum of desk grunt task for the IT projects. In order to utilize the automation feature effectively, users will have to set up the tool by carefully following the on-screen instructions, and then alter the DNS sever and move to data sync. According to Allen, his crew has done what was necessary to make the automation effective and user friendly.

Many users who migrate to Office 365 look for improved services with popular applications like Outlook, Lync, Office Applications and SharePoint. However, SkyKick is only concentrated on legacy exchange servers and emails. What customers are demanding from SkyKick is cloud migration support on various premises, including SharePoint. Unless SkyKick considers this along with the demand for Microsoft Office Help Line, the efforts would translate into nothing of consequence.

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