Steps To Get Activation Code For Microsoft Office 2007

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Steps for activating Microsoft office

Microsoft office is an office suite application developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is a stack of programs that can be used for official purposes like drafting letters, keeping track of the inventory, managing your mails etc. it is available for both Windows PC and computers running on Mac OS. But it functions best on a computer running on the Windows operating system. As of now, over one billion people around the world use this office software. Microsoft Office 2007 is a widely accepted version of the Office suite.

If you have a full version of the Microsoft Office 2007 but you somehow lost the activation code to install the software on your computer, you can get the code by contacting the Microsoft phone support team. It will be better if you do your best to find the missing code by checking product package, confirmation emails, certificate of Authenticity or the retail perpetual product key that came with your computer or your Microsoft software before contacting your local support center.

Below we list out the instructions to be followed for getting an activation code for your product from the Microsoft Support.

  • For activating your product, first launch the Product Activation Wizard for the Microsoft Office suite 2007.
  • To launch the wizard, open any Office program, say you open the Windows Word program. Click on the Office button on the top left corner of the program.
  • Click the “Options” button at the bottom of the menu; now click on “Resources”.

    Microsoft Product Activation center

    Get phone support from Microsoft

  • Now click on “Activate” and then in the next step click on “Activate Microsoft Office”.
  • When you finish these steps the Windows Activation window will appear, click on the “Use the automated phone system to activate” option. If you select this option you will have to contact the Microsoft phone support team for activating the software.
  • Click on the drop-down menu given in the window to select the nearest Microsoft customer support center. After selecting the customer support center near to your location, click on the “Next” button.
  • When you click on the “Next” button, the activation window will show you the phone number of the nearest Microsoft Product Activation center.
  • Note the phone number in the activation window and call the activation center. A support specialist will help you to obtain the activation code for your Microsoft Office 2007 software.

If you follow the instructions specified above, you will be able to activate your Microsoft Office software successfully.

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