How To Make Your Computer Work At A Higher Speed?

Slow computer

                 Fixing a slow computer

You might have a ton of job to complete and if your computer turns slow, there is no doubt that you will become frustrated.  Projects and work schedules would have to be completed within the stipulated time and a slow computer would make such tasks quite difficult. If you were worried about the speed of your computer, the next step would be to try the different steps mentioned here to enhance the speed of your computer.

If so, let us try the troubleshooting steps that can fix a slow computer.


  • You should delete the cache and cookies on a daily basis. To do this, open Internet Explorer, select Tools, click Internet Options, choose Delete Cookies, and select OK. You can now close the window, select the Internet Options once again, and select Delete Files. Now choose the small box that shows Delete all the offline content, select OK, and click OK once again. Now you can close Internet Options.
  • You should close all the unwanted programs that are running in the background when you turn on your computer. These programs will be enabled when the computer starts and you can disable them by clicking Start button on the desktop and click on Run and type Msconfig and click OK. Now click System Configuration Utility. Now select Start up and uncheck the boxes of programs that are not necessary. Now click OK and restart your computer.

    Projects and work schedules

    How to troubleshoot a slow computer

  • You can always have an antivirus program installed in your computer. This will prevent the virus activity in your computer and prevent your computer from turning slow. Ensure that you run a virus scan on a weekly basis, this can possibly get rid of all viruses in your computer, and this will increase the system speed.
  • Perform Disk Defragmentation in your computer and this can be done by clicking on Start button on your desktop, then Accessories, select System Tools and click Disk Defragmenter. Click Analyze and click Disk Defragmenter. Finally click on Defrag.
  • You can install a memory that has good speed. If the memory is large enough, it will help you to view the files and other applications quickly. More memory will naturally increase the speed of a computer.

I hope that the above steps will fix the slow computer and increase your computer speed considerably.

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