Dell vs HP vs Toshiba laptops

Toshiba Laptops, Dell Laptops

Laptops of Dell, HP and Toshiba

Toshiba, HP and Dell are some of the finest brands in the world when it comes to laptops. They give excellent performance in booting and as a result they are worth the money. Let us quickly compare these three laptop giants in several categories.


While compared with prices, Dell and HP are neck to neck in competitiveness. Although both brands are worth for the money that they are paid for, Dell seems to be a bit cheaper in its overall price. Due to the extensive Research and Development method (R&D), Toshiba is a bit more expensive compared to the other two companies. Among these three laptops, Dell laptops are the cheapest since they offer a high level of customization.


For someone who has used all the three brands before, the ideal winner in this category is Toshiba laptops. The laptops of Toshiba contain something that not only makes it last really long but also last flawlessly. I have a Toshiba machine that is 6 years old and I hardly remember sending the machine to any service center for any repairs or complaints. From my years of feedback collection, among these three top brands; HP holds the second position where as Dell is no longer that lagging and is given a third position in the ranking.

Toshiba Laptops, Dell Laptops

Provide Excellent Performances

Features and Performance

This category goes to HP laptops. This might be because HP invests more in trying to develop entertainment centric laptops. The machine of HP sometimes comes with an extra ordinary amount of whistles and bells. By offering the latest essential features, Toshiba machines are graded second in this category. By some extra features in their amazing customer care service, Dell makes it up what their machines lag. One of the best services is provided by Dell laptops around the world.


All these laptops are graded the best in the market and they have strengths that will cater for many niches of the market. The laptops of Toshiba are the ideal ones that provide long durability; it lasts long with no compromise in performance. Those who go to purchase a laptop on a fixed budget is recommended to buy a Dell laptop since they provide great after sales service. Customers those who love well priced and feature filled laptops should consider HP laptops.


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