Easy steps to format your Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba laptops

how to format a Toshiba laptop

Many of us often opt for formatting our hard drive due to several reasons which include re-installing windows operating system, to get rid of old and unwanted data that consume disk space, to remove virus infections and so on. Basically we intend to wipe the drive off and get a fresh PC. Formatting hard drive does not completely remove the data residing on the disk, whereas it rearranges your data. Sometimes while performing this task, user might lose pointers to particular files which in turn don’t allow the user to access the file anymore while the data still exist. Plenty of tools are available over internet to retrieve such data.

Toshiba laptops which have windows XP running on it can be formatted with the help of Windows XP installation CD or recovery disk which you would get along with the purchase. Either you can choose a partition or the whole drive. So if you have been facing a slow performance of your laptop, go for a quick reformatting which would delete all the data and infection that would have caused the slow down and give you a fresh feel with much faster performance. Just follow these simple instructions to get your Toshiba laptop reformatted.

Instructions to Format Toshiba Laptops

windows XP

simple steps to format a Toshiba laptop

  • Make sure to back up all your important files and folders.
  • Perform a reboot of your Toshiba laptop and insert the Windows XP installation CD or recovery disk, whichever you possess.
  • While rebooting your laptop, your screen might display, Hit any key to boot from CD; wait further and hit a key!
  • Now your PC will be booted from the PC and you will be asked to press enter to get into Installation process. Once you press Enter, your will be provided with the licensing agreement. Press F8 to accept the agreement. Make sure not to repair your existing Windows Operating system.
  • Now select the partition on the drive you want to format. Use the keys D to delete all the data that prevail on the partition and L to confirm the deletion. You can create a new partition by clicking on C.
  • Now select the option named Format the partition by using the NTFS file system (Quick) which will completely format the selected partition.

This is the easiest and fastest method to format a Toshiba laptop. Hope you are clear with the resolving measure. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!


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