Reformatting Toshiba laptop without using CD

Disc reformatting

If you are a Toshiba laptop user, it is always a good idea to reformat your laptop periodically. There are many reasons why Toshiba laptops should be reformatted. It may be due to virus or just for a general cleaning, but anyway reformatting allows you start fresh, other than just cleaning piece by piece.

If you take a back up of your data regularly, it is not a complicated process to reformat using Windows XP. Like all other laptops, Toshiba is also coming with a CD that allows you to reformat the hard drive and start from scratch if necessary. Running this CD will remove all the contents in the drive, eliminating any problems in the current installation. It will also reinstall the entire programs that were there in the system when it was first shipped from the factory, returning it into the like new model.
The CD is very important as, once you lost this CD; it will be very difficult to reformat the system, even if you have the operating system and all the other software to install. Again you should never try to reformat your laptop, until you are ready to install a new version of operating system.


Installing OS on laptop

Here you can find the instructions to follow to reformat the Toshiba laptops without CD
• First of all, back up any files that you do not want to lose. While reformatting all your information stored in the system will lose. You can write down the 25 digit Windows product key that is shown on the label on the bottom of the laptop. If you can’t ding the key, contact Toshiba for help, and Microsoft cannot help you on this.
• Logon to the laptop as Administrator. Click “Start” and then select “Computer”. From the “Tools” drop down menu, select “View tab”. Enable “Show hidden files and Folders” and click “OK”.
• Click “Start”. Type “winnt32” in the search box at the bottom of the menu. Once the result is shown scroll down to the bottom. Choose search again and select “Computer” for searching through the system for file “winnt32”.
• Once found, double click on winnt32.exe. You can follow the steps to reformat the system and then install the operating system. Enter the Windows product key when you are prompted to do so.

I am sure the article will help you to remove any problem with the current installation in your laptop. All the best!

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