What Should You Do If Your Toshiba Laptop Fails To Boot

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Is your Toshiba laptop giving you troubles while booting? Does it fail to reach the desktop screen? Then this article will certainly help you. Here we will find out how to fix the booting troubles with Toshiba laptops.

Steps involved

  • The first step is to verify if the trouble is associated with your hardware. If your laptop does not turn on at all, then check if there is charge in your laptop battery. For this, plug in the power cables and keep them charging for a few minutes. Then try to turn it on. If it fails and you do not even see the power lights, then remove any external drives that are connected to your laptop like USB flash drive. Try to power on again. If you find the power lights on and if the laptop does not bring up the operating system, then try the step below.
  • Go to your laptop’s BIOS settings. In the BIOS settings, look for the option ‘boot sequence’. Hard disk should be set as the first device to boot from and if this is not the case with your laptop, change it.
  • If your laptop fails to load the operating system completely and gives you error messages, then choose the option ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ and press Enter. This will take your laptop back to the settings when it was working fine. If this option fails and your laptop restarts, select the option ‘Start Windows Normally.’

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  • If the above steps do not work, go for a repair installation of your operating system. However, for this, you will require your operating system’s disc with you. Before you start with the repair process, it is necessary that you set DVD or CD drive as the first option in the ‘boot priority’. The advantage of a repair installation is that there is no loss of data involved and Windows replaces only the corrupted operating system files in your computer.
  • If your laptop fails to boot even after a repair installation, then do a complete reinstallation of your operating system. However, this will erase all your data in your C: drive. Therefore, a complete reinstallation should be your last option if you do not wish to lose your data.

Hope that the above-mentioned article helped you to fix the booting errors with your Toshiba laptops. You may also contact Toshiba support for further assistance.

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