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Run Old Games On Vista

To run old games on Windows Vista operating system is often challenging. Although there are features that already lay default in Windows Vista to make gaming process supposedly easier, the truth is that there are many other games which remains completely unplayable on Vista. However, there are many different techniques which can be used to run older games normally without any in depth knowledge of computers or operating systems. Here are some instructions to run old games on Windows Vista.


  • Choose the game that you want to play and begin the installation. Some games show some problems at this stage to install while others get installed normally but then refuse to play.
  • Keep your drivers up to date. To do this, either check Microsoft website to see if there are any Vista updates available or look at your computer’s manufacturer’s sound and graphic cards for updates or drivers. Older games often run more easily on different drives. The updates usually contain Vista support for a broader spectrum of applications and games in Windows Vista.
  • Since the latest version of Vista is 64 bit, older games are very difficult to work. If you have an option to install a 32 bit version of Windows Vista, then it will solve many gaming problems. Most 16 bit games usually works on a 32 bit version of Vista, but a very few will work on a 64 bit.

    Windows Vista

    64 bit Windows Vista version

  • Once your games get installed and you cannot play them, there are several causes for it. Before launching your game, right click its icon and select the option, Run as Administrator. This will solve certain problems but not all the ones. If this doesn’t work, right click the icon and select Properties from the menu. Basic information of the game can be achieved. Choose Compatibility and then check the box that is empty placed next to Run this program for compatibility mode for. The menu that lies below can be accessed now and enables you to select another operating system to run the game. Choose the operating system that suits to run the game the most and then save all the changes.

Once you are done with that, simply start the game normally and check if it runs normally.

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