AGM Live Polling gives your audience the best experience of an official meet

The official AGM meets.

The AGM official meets under the best-known virtual AGM platform gives the presenter all the rights to connect intensely with their audience. To keep the audience engaged and understand their point of view, one needs to give them the right to speak their minds. In certain conditions, the round-table conference’s idea is dropped to secure the best reactions in a limited period. In this case, the facility of AGM Live Polling is taken into consideration; the facility of polling is to specifically provide the customers a chance to comment on a particular discussion.

Features of the meet

  • Safe and secured
  • High-quality casting
  • Better interactive interface
  • Clearer presentation of themes
  • Easy to access meets
  • Cost-efficient system
  • The audience gets to join according to their convenience
  • The inclusive idea of holding official discussions meeting

Polling quality

  • Unbiased and flexible
  • Better options available
  • Neutral options available
  • Can be disabled
  • Real-time results show up
  • Fast release of results
  • Timely actions set
  • Each vote is considered

Rights to vote for all participants

The system allows the verified audience to participate in the discussion no matter whatever it is about; sometimes, the tactics keep the audience involved with questions. Each participant has the right to express their thoughts on the topic; with an active audience, the meet will be more memorable and impression-making. The quality of voting in the system is proficient and entertaining.


The customer interaction is the most important thing when it is about the office’s productivity, no matter what occupation you follow. The quality of experience you provide your audience through the AGM Live Polling determines your audience’s number voting for your presentation. The most important thing about the meet is that one can avail of the meeting from every corner of the world, happy working!


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